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Intense Pulse Light Procedure

INTENSE PULSE LIGHT is a laser light source that is specific to color. It is designed to target the pigment at the surface of the skin that consists of shades of red and brown. The IPL will improve the appearance of unwanted sun spots, red spots and small facial veins that give the skin a "ruddy" complexion. This treatment has the ability to fade pink scars to a less noticeable color, as well as fading residual acne discoloration. Patients with a history of rosacea as well as acne and significant sun damage do very well with this treatment, and it can be performed anywhere on the face or body. Although one treatment may be therapeutic, a series of 5 treatments, usually spaced 3-4 weeks apart is optimal.

You can anticipate being in the office for 60-90 minutes, which includes a pre treatment with a topical anesthetic cream for your comfort during this process. The treatment itself takes about 20 minutes, depending on the area being treated, and will leave you slightly red, with a "wind burned" appearance for the next day or two. At about the 7 day post treatment time frame, you will begin to notice a fading of the red and brown spots. This process can continue to occur for up to 4 weeks.

Intense Pulse Light

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Intense Pulse Light Skin Rejuvenation PRE and POST care Instructions


  • Anyone with autoimmune disease or connective tissue disorders
  • Presently pregnant
  • Recently sun tanned skin ( including tanning beds and tanning foams)
  • History of Accutane / Isotretinoin treatment over the past 6 months
  • Acute herpes Episode at time of treatment.
  • A history of photosensitivity.


  • Short term discomfort - or a stinging sensation similar to a wind burn
  • Redness and mild swelling that may last from 2 - 48 hours.
  • Blistering and bruising are possible, but rare - less than 3%.
  • Hyper or hypopigmentation may occur, but again rare.
  • Scars and / or infection
  • Loss of hair growth ( this can be permanent and uneven ) about the areas of -IPL treatment


  • 1. Discontinuation of tretinoin or retinoid products 5 days prior to treatment.
    Absolutely NO sun tan of any type, UV or tanning creams. A tan can produce a burn to the skin and can result in hyper pigmentation as well as hypopigmentation.
  • 2. Anticipate a social "down time" of 2-5 days before any redness, swelling and sloughing of sunspots has subsided.
  • 3. LET your provider know if you have a history of Herpes so that a prescription for an antiviral medication can be given the day before your procedure, the day of, and the day after to avoid any cold sore exacerbation from your IPL treatment.
  • 4. Men need to shave the day of the treatment to reduce any beard growth that can be targeted during the IPL treatment.


  • SPF > 30 MUST be used at all times you are exposed to the sun. This needs to include Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as one of the ingredients and must be applied 20 minutes prior to UV exposure and every two hours there after. You should NOT expose your newly treated skin to the sun for any length of time during the treatment process in order to avoid any burning or tanning to the skin.
  • Cleanse with a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil, Aquanil or Arbolene. All are available over the counter and can be used once or twice per day for 3-5 days.
  • Apply cool cloths to the surface of your skin as needed for any burning or irritation associated with your treatment.
  • Do not begin any retinoids, tretinoins, alpha or beta hydroxy products, vitamin C products or exfoliative products to your skin for 7-10 days post treatment.
  • Use a gentle, hypoallergenic moisturizer for the next 5-7 days during the day. This can include Cetaphil, Aveeno, or LaRoche Posey products, all which are over the counter. Use these gentle moisturizers for 5-7 days or until your skin feels back to normal.
  • Do NOT pick, exfoliate or have chemical peels performed on your treated skin for 710 days.
  • Anticipate some dryness and micro sloughing at days 3-5 about the treated area.
  • Sun spots and age spots WILL DARKEN with the IPL treatments BEFORE they begin to respond and resolve. This is expected and a normal part of the IPL process. Do NOT pick these spots once they become dry. They will lift and fall off on their own.
  • Avoid jewelry, clothing and any other materials that come into contact with the treated area(s) for 5-7 days or until healed.
  • Over the counter hydrocortisone cream can be used for any significant irritation or dryness as needed.
  • Contact our office immediately for any problems that seem out of proportion or are not mentioned within this post care information.
  • Oozing, blistering and pus are NOT normal. Contact our office should you develop one or more of these problems.

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