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Pixel Laser Resurfacing

The Pixel is an Erbium Yag laser used in laser skin resurfacing the skin. This is an ablative laser treatment and is the best you can look without the use of a CO2 laser and significant pain and downtime, or by means of surgical intervention.

The pixel reduces the laxity of the jaw, jowls, neck, eyelids and overall skin quality by tightening the relaxed collagen fibers within the dermis, as well as synthesize new. It will improve the tone and texture of the overall skin, reducing and removing discoloration from age, UV exsposure, smoking, etc. The pixel will also help to decrease visible pore size, fade acne hyperpigmentation, improve acne scars and depression formations.

The Pixel laser offers the fastest, yet most effective laser resurfacing treatment (usually performed within 20 minutes) with results equal to those of traditional laser resurfacing. The Pixel procedure is performed with minimal downtime and discomfort. No bandages, thick ointments or confining oneself to the house for weeks are required with this latest, newest technology. For optimal improvement, we recommend a series of 5 treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

This gentler laser resurfacing treatment delivered by Pixel means you can go from laser treatment to your usual lifestyle routine within hours, and to social events within a day or two of being treated. There are no messy topical anesthetic creams to apply prior to the treatment, no dyes applied to the skin and best of all; the after care is simple and convenient.

The Pixel creates a smoother, tighter, improved skin texture after just one session. This technology has been shown to trigger a biological response which leads to collagen remodeling that is responsible for the smoothing if fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in mild sagging, and removal of discoloration such as sun freckles, age spots, hormonal changes as well as "weathered" skin appearances.

The Pixel is improving the appearance of hard to treat acne and keloid scars within the first few treatments. We are seeing improvement in tissue laxity around the eyelid area as well. "We are seeing improvements in the lateral squint - smile lines around the eye area, and the are very impressive. The Pixel is an excellent adjunctive or alternative treatment to botox injections for this periorbital line formation.

The Pixel laser resurfacing process is so gentle that we can treat those hard to treat areas once forbidden by traditional resurfacing procedures, such as the neck, chest and hands. These areas are important considerations in the rejuvenation process, and can be tell tale signs of aging even when the face is flawless. We can now treat these areas without the major concerns of hyper or hypopigmentation as well as infection, and significant downtime.

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

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The Pixel is dramatically improving the appearance of skin laxity, texture and color, as well as keloid scars, acne scars and discoloration associated with prior skin problems. Patients treated thus far are noticing a significant improvement in deep acne scars and discoloration with this technology. The level of self esteem the Pixel can provide to acne scarred patients is something all acne sufferers have hoped for and can now obtain.

As one patient states, I can now wear my hair away from face, because the acne scars are so much better. I would never go out in public without make up due to these scars a year ago, but since the Pixel laser treatments, I can and feel good about my skin and myself.

"Not only is the Pixel proving to be an integral part of treating acne scars, it is of major benefit to patients who have significant sun damage that gives them them that aged, weathered appearance these individuals are not ready to accept. The dramatic improvement in the tone, texture and quality of the skin is a visible as well as a tactile change that produces a more youthful quality to the skin. This technology now allows us to take "years" off the appearance of the skin and is gentle enough to treat the neck, chest and hands, as well as the face, something we have struggled with for years.

"Patients come into my office every day seeking facial rejuvenation. These patients are very happy with their more youthful, post surgical appearance, but surgery cannot remove the discoloration or vascular qualities of the skin that limit the appearance of a newly rejuvenated face. This is where the Pixel laser system comes in. By combining the surgical aspects of rejuvenation with the performance of the Pixel laser system, we are able to address and treat nearly all cosmetic concerns.

The Pixel system produces a smoother, more even tone to the skin, as well as reducing the severity of smile lines, squint lines, and wrinkles. It also has the ability to reduce the appearance of large pores, which is a common complaint among many patients. The resulting pore size is smaller and less visible, as well as more symmetrical about the entire face.

The Pixel works by ablative fractional technology. The skin is treated by removing tissue via a dot Pixel hand-piece. Pixel technology performs localized or "scattered" ablation vs. total ablation seen in other technology. The Pixel treats a small fraction of the skin, in an organized manner, whereby tiny pixelations of skin are lased within the treatment area. The Pixel technology allows about 65% of the lasered skin to remain intact and untreated around the Pixel treated areas. This untouched skin can then act as a reservoir for the promotion of rapid healing to the newly lasered skin, reducing the downtime substantially.

Skin resurfacing occurs as the laser passes over the skin (typically 3 passes per treatment) to remove the damaged outer layers of skin and, through heat, stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers.

Patients state that their newly treated skin is firmer and tighter, with a smoother surface texture, as well as a decrease in the pigment irregularities, such as sun spots, age spots, etc. Patients can anticipate 4-5 treatments, at 2-4 week intervals for optimal improvement.

"After undergoing this procedure on my hands for sunspots, laxity, and an aged appearance, I am completely satisfied and thrilled with the results. I am no longer embarrassed to have my hands seen by others." "The improvement in my face is just as great. I have noticed a smoother texture, less laxity around my jaw line, and I do not mind looking into the mirror now" states Debbie G., 52 of Los Angeles, CA. "The procedure was simple. I went in, lied down and placed goggles on to shield my eyes during the procedure. I was not expecting it to be pain free, but it was. The procedure did not hurt a bit. It did however take on a mild discomfort about 10-20 minutes after the treatment was completed. I followed the care instructions I was given and was able to carry on with my normal activates shortly there after", states J. Campbell, 60, of Los Angeles, CA.

"Having little time to devote to post care after a chemical peel, laser treatment or other cosmetic procedure, I am happy with the Pixel treatments. I needed something that could address my 45 year old lines, sunspots, and under eye bags. I was a bit skeptical that the Pixel could do all of this, as well as doing it with little down time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Pixel treatment did not hurt, required no numbing, and resulted in a mild sunburn sensation and redness about 30 minutes after the treatment. This sunburn sensation resolved within a few hours and I was back to my normal routine within 24 hours. I am pleased with the improvements I have seen so far, I look more refreshed, less tired and my skin tone is beautiful. I am looking forward to my next treatment," states Mary P., 49, of Los Angeles, CA.

"I have been scarred by acne for years now, and have tried fillers, peels and other lasers. The Pixel has given me far better results, even after just one treatment. The downtime is minimal, and I experienced little discomfort during the procedure. The results are permanent, which out weighs any mild discomfort. I am very happy with the Pixel laser, and it has given me back my confidence and self esteem" states Amy B., 27 of Santa Clarita, CA.

More and more patients are coming into the office requesting treatments that can improve their skin's appearance. These patients want improvement in skin laxity, laugh lines, squint lines, lip lines, and frown lines, as well as a reduction in pore size, improvements in keloid, surgical, or acne scars, and sun damaged skin. These are things surgery alone cannot address or enhance. These patients want to improve the appearance of their faces, as well as their necks, chests, and hands. Until now, it was either non-pixilated laser resurfacing with the CO2 which has been contraindicated on the neck, chest and hands, or the Er-Yag, which can be used on the neck, chest and hands but with significant downtime, post laser care, as well as pain, discomfort, and redness for weeks. There are increased risks of infection, hyper and hypo pigmentation associated with these older technologies as well. We now have an alternative treatment to offer our patients, the Pixel, that we believe in and that works. We are pleased to offer this new technology in our office, and can now improve upon many of the non-surgical concerns our patients bring to us each day.

  I have not aged a day during the last two years I've been receiving Pixel and Accent treatments....... 

V.L., Los Angeles


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